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Take command of your devices with WolOn – the user-friendly Wake on LAN Android app. Activate devices seamlessly from anywhere, precisely when needed. Explore WolOn's intuitive features for effortless remote device management.

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Over 100k users use WolOn app to turn on Wake on LAN devices all over the world!

Only Wake on LAN app to work over Internet & VPN. Thank you!
Pete Zee
Great application, intuitive interface. Widgets and SSH commands are very handy.
Maxim Trindade
Superb and simple to use app that does its job. I use it to bring my Synology NAS out of hibernation. WolOn achieves this when Synology's own app does not, so I'm very grateful.
Andrew Lewton

Why WolOn?

WolOn, your Wake on LAN Android app, offers convenient control over WOL-enabled devices, allowing you to activate them from your home LAN or remotely over the Internet. Turn on devices like NAS (Synology, Asustor, and others supporting WOL), media servers, and computers only when necessary, reducing energy consumption.
With an easy setup and a free basic version, WolOn is your go-to app. Upgrade to WolOn Pro for advanced features, including scheduled WOL activation, device state monitor, remote SSH commands (e.g. device shutdown), and seamless automation integration with Tasker, Macrodroid, Automate, Locale X apps. Choose WolOn for unparalleled Wake on LAN control on your Android device. Download now and optimize your energy usage with ease!
WolOn - Wake on LAN Android app


  • Wake on LAN: Activate devices within your home network.
  • Wake on WAN: Seamlessly turn on devices over the Internet.
  • Wake widget: One-tap awakening using a convenient home screen widget.
  • Status display: Monitor device status with ease.
  • Network scanner: Quickly identify available devices on your network.


  • Automate Wake on LAN and SSH commands with Tasker, Macrodroid, Automate, Locale X.
  • Schedule Wake on LAN actions at specific times or intervals.
  • Monitor device states and receive notifications or trigger Wake on LAN packets when devices go offline.
  • Execute remote SSH commands effortlessly from the WolOn app or its widgets, allowing for actions like shutdowns, script execution, and app launches.


Wake on LAN or WOL is an Ethernet protocol that allows a device to be turned on or awaken by broadcasting a ”magic packet” in the network.

Media Access Control address, or MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a network adapter. It’s usually displayed as six pairs of hexadecimal values separated by colons or hyphens (e.g. FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF).
On any OS you can find it in the networks adapter’s settings, or you can use the command line:

  • Windows – Win+R and type cmd. In the Command prompt window type ipconfig /all and press Enter

  • Linux/Mac – Open terminal and type ifconfig -a

Yes, WolOn works over the internet. You will need a special configuration for your router to accomplish this though. You can find more information in the WolOn’s Help section or in this set-up guide

In most of the cases Wake on LAN works well over cable connections, nevertheless there are wireless network adapters that that support Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN). So, if your wireless network adapter supports it, then it should work.

Yes, just check the VPN Accessible checkbox for your device and WolOn will send the magic packets for that device through your phone’s active VPN connection. It depends a lot on your VPN connection. It should not filter out broadcast messages.

WolOn – Wake on LAN app pings your devices to get their current statuses. Devices that are on will have a green dot in the WolOn Widget or a green sun displayed in the app. Device statuses are checked when you open the app or drag down the devices list. In WolOn Pro version this check can be done at specific time intervals that you chose.
To make the check more reliable you should assign a static IP to your device and fill in that IP in the Status Check IP field in your WolOn device configuration.

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It’s more common on Linux and Mac but can also be used on some Windows versions. SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands. For example you can run a shutdown command, execute a backup script, start a server, etc. In WolOn Pro version you have the option to set-up a SSH command and WolOn will run it whenever you tap the command in the app or the command widget.
Your SSH credentials are encrypted and stored only on your phone.

Just follow the instructions in the app, it’s easier than said. Upgrade to WolOn Pro version requires a one time in-app purchase.

Yes, your data is safely stored only on your device. You are the only one that can access it.

Unfortunately sometimes Google Play gets out of sync and even if you made the purchase, Google’s in-app purchases library doesn’t publish this event in the app. This situation is out of developer’s control, but there are a few tweaks that you can try to speed-up Google Play’s sync:

  1. Clear the cache of the Google Play app
  2. In Android Settings find the Accounts section. From there select the google account used to make the purchase and force sync. Usually you can force a sync by tapping on the 3 dots menu from the toolbar
  3. Restart your phone!!!
  4. Open google play app and make sure you see the purchase in the Google Play app – Top left menu -> Account -> Purchase history
  5. If you see the purchase in the list, then open WolOn – Wake on LAN app and check the Pro purchase screen. If you see a screen with a “Thank you” message then it’s all set and you should get access to the WolOn Pro version

If this didn’t work you can ask for a refund from Google Play and make the purchase again. Usually this also works. If you still have issues enabling WolOn Pro version then please drop me a line at purchase@wolon.app.

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