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WolOn app is a very versatile tool that helps almost 100.000 users allover the world to remotely turn on or turn off their computers, NAS servers, media servers, embedded devices, or any other type of computers that support Wake on LAN protocol or remote SSH connections. Nevertheless sometimes setting up the whole system can require a basic understanding of the Wake on LAN protocol working principles.

Strat by checking the following list of frequently asked questions:

Wake on LAN or WOL is an Ethernet protocol that allows a device to be turned on or awaken by broadcasting a ”magic packet” in the network. It’s important to understand that magic packets have to be broadcasted into the network and not sent specifically to the targets device IP, as that device won’t have an IP assigned when it’s turned off.

Media Access Control address, or MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a network adapter. It’s usually displayed as six pairs of hexadecimal values separated by colons or hyphens (e.g. FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF).
On any OS you can find it in the networks adapter’s settings, or you can use the command line:

  • Windows – Win+R and type cmd. In the Command prompt window type ipconfig /all and press Enter

  • Linux/Mac – Open terminal and type ifconfig -a

Yes, WolOn works over the internet. You will need a special configuration for your router to accomplish this though. You can find more information in the WolOn’s Help section or in this set-up guide

In most of the cases Wake on LAN works well over cable connections, nevertheless there are wireless network adapters that that support Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN). So, if your wireless network adapter supports it, then it should work.

Yes, just check the VPN Accessible checkbox for your device and WolOn will send the magic packets for that device through your phone’s active VPN connection. It depends a lot on your VPN connection. It should not filter out broadcast messages.

WolOn – Wake on LAN app pings your devices to get their current statuses. Devices that are on will have a green dot in the WolOn Widget or a green sun displayed in the app. Device statuses are checked when you open the app or drag down the devices list. In WolOn Pro version this check can be done at specific time intervals that you chose.
To make the check more reliable you should assign a static IP to your device and fill in that IP in the Status Check IP field in your WolOn device configuration.

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It’s more common on Linux and Mac but can also be used on some Windows versions. SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands. For example you can run a shutdown command, execute a backup script, start a server, etc. In WolOn Pro version you have the option to set-up a SSH command and WolOn will run it whenever you tap the command in the app or the command widget.
Your SSH credentials are encrypted and stored only on your phone.

Just follow the instructions in the app, it’s easier than said. Upgrade to WolOn Pro version requires a one time in-app purchase.

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